AviaVIP: revolutionizing FBO services in Europe with 55 integrated FBOs

AviaVIP, Europe’s leading FBO group, has successfully achieved operational integration across its network of 55 FBOs. This milestone greatly enhances efficiency for private jet operators and flight support companies. AviaVIP has strengthened the FBO industry in Europe by establishing a solid and integrated structure, aiming to simplify and support client operations in the most effective way possible. Through a two-year project, AviaVIP implemented the MyHandling software across all stations and recently connected with Omega Aviation operations in Bulgaria, expanding the AviaVIP network. This integration allows AviaVIP to provide a single and user-friendly interface for customer operations across 55 FBOs in seven countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and The Netherlands.

Luis Escribano, Head of Operations at AviaVIP, highlighted the importance of this operational integration: “Traditional methods of communication, such as emails and phone calls, no longer suffice when it comes to communicating with Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). Our modern approach helps to minimize any risks associated with outdated methods. Customer operations team can now experience a substantial reduction in workload, ranging from 20% to 40%, when communicating with all 55 AviaVIP FBOs. Additionally, the implementation of this system has facilitated a robust and synchronized operational and invoicing system, directly benefiting our clients.


Loris Di Filippo, General Manager of AviaVIP Italy, confirmed the advantages of integrating MyHandling software: ” Operational integration enhances our services by offering real-time information and streamlining processes, enabling clients to have full control over their handling requests and make informed decisions. The implementation also involves the establishment of a centralized Operation Control Center in Roma for the 19 Italian FBOs, resulting in improved efficiency and the assurance of secure and faster communication channels.”


AviaVIP is dedicated to providing exceptional service and simplifying the lives of our customers. Our recent advancements in network integration highlight our unwavering commitment to delivering efficient and seamless services. By minimizing risks and streamlining interfaces, we significantly improve the overall customer experience and allow clients to save valuable time for other crucial tasksadded Jerome Ferasin, Chief Strategy & Sales Officer.

Media Contact:
Barbara Ciolli
Sales & Marketing Manager
barbara.ciolli@aviavip.com | cell: +39 344 1920850
About AviaVIP:

AviaVIP is the leading FBO network in Europe and offers the full spectrum of ground handling services to Business and Private Aviation. Placing the main focus on customer satisfaction, its committed and experienced teams deliver high quality, tailor-made, solutions to meet and often surpass the highest expectations for luxury, security and quality of services.

AviaVIP provides VIP handling services across 55 FBOs and handling stations in 7 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and The Netherlands.

AviaVIP is member of the Aviapartner Group.

Omega Aviation is the leading VIP handler in Bulgaria, providing handling services since 2014. Omega Aviation is the Bulgarian handler dedicated solely to Business and Private Aviation, manages the only crew lounge available at Sofia Airport and provides executive aviation services in all international airports in Bulgaria. 


30th May 2024, Brussels, Belgium

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