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Offering the full spectrum of ground handling services to business aviation

With an expansive presence spanning Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain, AviaVIP’s network comprises an impressive 51 FBOs and handling stations. For over four decades, the company has remained dedicated to delivering consistent services at the highest standards across its network, catering to the needs of VIP passengers and crews alike. AviaVIP delivers excellence in the European aviation industry as a trusted subsidiary of Aviapartner Group, renowned for its stability and commitment to service. Serving as the premier commercial handler in Europe, AviaVIP ensures seamless complementarity within its fully harmonized network. Setting itself apart, it stands as the sole European FBO chain equipped with comprehensive aircraft services capabilities, effectively minimizing risks associated with quality issues or delays typically encountered with subcontractors. Furthermore, AviaVIP benefits from the support of the Aviapartner commercial team, offering invaluable assistance, particularly for airliners.

AviaVIP’s team is currently working towards implementing the European OCC (Operational Control Center) in 2024, consolidating operational oversight across its European operations. “This centralized approach will enhance efficiency, communication, and coordination among various departments and locations within the FBO group,” said Jerome Ferasin, chief strategy & sales officer, AviaVIP. Additionally, AviaVIP has a unique ability to establish a single contractual agreement that applies universally across multiple locations or regions. Offering global agreements demonstrates that AviaVIP is committed to providing convenience, consistency, and flexibility to its customers.

For customers, this simplifies the process of engaging with the FBO group, as they can benefit from consistent pricing, service levels, and terms regardless of the specific location they are utilizing. It also allows for easier management and oversight of services, as everything is governed by a single contractual framework. Among the notable additions to AviaVIP’s ever-growing network is the opening of a new FBO in Barcelona.

Situated within one of Europe’s busiest aviation hubs, this new facility promises to deliver first-class services tailored to meet the needs of both business and leisure travelers. The upgraded facility features a spacious VIP lounge complete with a private bathroom and a contemporary kitchen. Moreover, the terminal houses three exclusive VIP rooms, each accommodating up to six individuals, catering to the needs of both passengers and crew alike.

Besides secure and efficient ground handling for aircraft AviaVIP’s Barcelona FBO offers a selection of services for passengers and crew such as limousine and VIP taxi options, premium catering, concierge services, and more

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About AviaVIP:

AviaVIP is the leading FBO network in Europe and offers the full spectrum of ground handling services to Business and Private Aviation. Placing the main focus on customer satisfaction, its committed and experienced teams deliver high quality, tailor-made, solutions to meet and often surpass the highest expectations for luxury, security and quality of services.

AviaVIP provides VIP handling services across 55 FBOs and handling stations in 7 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and The Netherlands.

AviaVIP is member of the Aviapartner Group.

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